Increasing Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

Thank you to all that registered and attended!

Clixie Media was honored to present on January 23rd, 2018 for Canvas Product Days. Led by Professor David J Brophy from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, learn how using Clixie’s Interactive Video platform provided a richer video learning and engagement experience, for Instructors and Learners, in the physical and virtual classroom. Please click here to download the full business case study.

Some of the benefits of using Clixie with E learning are:

  1. Provide an enhanced learning experience completely within the Canvas LMS, by using Clixie’s simple and powerful tools to create 360-degree video engagement.
  2. Ensures Learners spend less time learning information that they already know and save time having to find resources to further understand information.
  3. Increases Learners engagement and focus, thus improving the overall learning experience and retention of course material.
  4. Provides Instructors access to valuable analytics (e.g. time spent watching lectures/reading supplemental material).

Thank you,

The Clixie Team